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Thousands of companies choose our visitor management system to better connect with their guests:

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- Stephanie, Michigan Health & Hospital Association

Our receptionist loves that
she can focus on other more
important things at hand.

- Dionna, LeoStella

[The Receptionist] frees up
a lot of my time and removes
worry for visitors.

- Sunny, WellnessSpace

Not only do our
practitioners love
[The Receptionist], but
patients love it as well.

- Matt, Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching

I can’t imagine not having it
as part of our process. The
value is strong and it is well
worth the cost.

- Dave, 20 Sutton Place South

[The Receptionist] has been
one of the best customer
experiences I’ve had in years.

- Julie, PolyOne

Great product! Received
compliments of the ease
and functionality from
our guests.

- Curt, Steelhead Composites

With The Receptionist, we
got the best features at the
best price point. No one else
was comparable.

- Michael, Phoenix Innovate

[The Receptionist] gives me
the evidence and the data I
need to present to my auditors
for our different certifications.

- Jenn, Incito

The Receptionist helps us
focus our resources and
time on providing great
service to our clients.

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Make a great first impression with easy to use, customizable check-in features. Attend our next product tour and let us wow you!


Empower your team with technology

Give your front desk staff the flexibility to do what humans do best. We'll take care of the repetitive tasks.

See why we're not your receptionist

Power up your visitor check-in data with robust integrations

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The Receptionist for iPad Visitor Management System - Integrations

Protect your visitors and your team

Inspire confidence from guests and employees by managing transmissible disease risk in your workplace with features like contactless check-in.

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Our cause goes beyond creating radical visitor management software. Learn more about how The Receptionist stands out from the crowd by living our FABRIC values.

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The Receptionist in a Box comes with a sleek, fully-assembled kiosk (iPad included) so all you have to do is take it out of the box and turn it on.

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